martes, 26 de junio de 2012

No to justice reform. Yes to the defense of the Constitution of 1991

Domingo Tovar Arrieta, President of CUT, Julio Roberto Gómez Esguerra, President of CGT, MIGUEL ALFONSO Morantes, President of CTC; ORLANDO Restrepo, President of CPC, call the organizations affiliated to the various social organizations and citizens to engage in legitimate protest and denunciation against those who legislated in favor of their particular interests.

Civic leaders pointed that in approving the Legislative Act of Justice Reform, initiated by the Government, the majority of Congress ended up increasing levels of impunity in Colombia. When enacted the Legislative Act of Justice Reform, a number of investigations underway in Colombia will remain in impunity.

About 1,500 processes under studying by the Supreme Court of Justice (CSJ) against members of Congress, former congressmen, senior officials and former officials will close due to such reform. If reform is enacted, immediately takes effect, or what is equal,  former ministers and other former officials now have outstanding accounts with justice, and political corruption as Agricultural Income Insurance, telephone "tapping", 'Yidispolítica'- corruption of congressment to aprove the reelection of Mr Uribe- and 'paramilitry-politics', would leave the jailAnd about 40 congressmen who were expecting a loss of investment decision should be re-investigated from the outset.

Citizens reject the actions of stablishment to continue the destruction of the Constitution of 1991. For this reason, the labor unions call for conducting a sit-in against the justice reform and in defense of the 1991 Constitution, on Wednesday June 27th at 4:00 pm, in fron of the Colombian Congress.

Citizens are called to participate in the process of collecting signatures to recall the Legislative Act. This referendum will serve "as an instrument of political complaint against the enemies of the people of Colombia, mainly entrenched in Congress and the National Government", said the statement of the workers.

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